About Me



About Me


My name is Greg Edgings, 52 years old married to a very patient wife for 24 years.

I have a passion for photography, wildlife and food, on a perfect day I get to combine all three.


I developed a passion for Photography at an early age, I was lucky to go to a school that had a dark room and I was soon hooked. I have had numerous cameras over the years my first being the Pentax ME F, followed by the Canon EOS 1000FN.

Then along came digital I started with a

Sony Mavica MVC-FD90 with upscaling, external flash jack, and manual focus available. 8x optical zoom, 1280×960 still images, 320×240 @16fps MPEG-1 video up to 15s ( I still have it)

Fuji FinePix S602Z, a digital compact camera similar to today’s bridge cameras, 3.1 Megapixel ,Optical: 6x Digital: 4.4x, 1/1.7″ Fujifilm Super CCD III, Super EBC Fujinon 6× optical zoom lens(aspherical lens), 35 mm-210 mm(35 mm camera equivalent), ISO 160, 200, 400, 800&1600,SmartMedia(3.3V), Compact Flash Type I or II and 4xAA(alkaline battery or Ni-MH), and I still have this camera as well and still use it.

The Fuji was used for 10 years until in 2012 I purchased a Canon 600D with a kit lens, more lenses followed quite quickly and in 2014 I added the Full frame Canon 6D with the 24-104 L Lens, this was followed in 2016 by the Canon 7D MKII, with 3 new lenses, as well as numerous other bits and bobs.

My main focus is Wildlife, but I also enjoy Landscape and Astrophotography.


You will find the most bio-diverse square kilometre in the whole country in Purbeck, I am extremely fortunate to live is such a wonderful place surrounded by approximately 140,500 hectares in the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty including chalk down-lands, valleys and ridges; clay and other pastures and woodland; lowland heaths; limestone plateaus and river valleys; and coastal
harbours, beaches, cliffs and lagoons and the surrounding seas themselves.

There are four Ramsar sites, 20 Special Areas of Conservation, 11 National Nature Reserves, 141 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, 45 Local Nature Reserves and 1,254 Sites of Nature Conservation interest.

These cover about 12% of the land area.

The County is an important wildlife haven (with 85% of British mammal species represented, 90% of breeding birds, 80% of dragonflies and all native reptiles/amphibians).

It is an important location for breeding, over-wintering and migrating birds, providing a vital link in annual bird migration locally, nationally and along the broader Arctic-Africa Flyway

There is also the World Heritage Site – the Jurassic Coast,  England’s first and only Natural World Heritage Site and is designated for its outstanding Earth Science value, put simply, its rocks, fossils and landforms. It comprises a 95-mile stretch of coast from Exmouth (East Devon) to Studland (Purbeck, Dorset), with about 71 miles in Dorset itself.


My grandmother was a Cook for 50 years, starting out in service at the age of 15, she passed her love of cooking onto me and I have been cooking since the age of 7, a great believer in homemade fresh produce.